The Experience of a Lifetime

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Do you remember the conversations you had with your best friends when you were little, about what super power you would have, if you could choose? When I think back on those conversations I remember the super power I wanted and it never changed even as I got older……… I always wanted to breathe underwater.

Coming to Coral Divers was an exciting yet scary adventure. I mean you get taught how to do the impossible. For me the experience at Coral Divers has taught me to think more rationally, to listen and respect people, but most of all to grab every second you have and make the most of it.

I still remember the first time I dived. We used a line to guide ourselves to the bottom of the ocean. I remember seeing this sand patch and I was completely focus on getting to that sand patch and didnt bother looking at anything else around me. When I got to the bottom I kneeled on the sand and got comfortable with my breathing. When I stopped focusing on the sand I actually started looking around me and realised wow I am sitting in 12 metres of water and I am breathing. I finally got my super power. I remember thinking I cannot wait to share this experience with every family member, every friend, and every stranger. I knew immediately that diving for me will always be gift and gift worth sharing.

Ive always had a love for sharks and diving brought me closer to them. On our first deep dive we dropped down to about 30 metres. I always thought the deeper you go the darker it gets, so the less you see and I am proud to say I have never been more wrong. Not only was it one of my best dives, but I actually got to see 3 sharks in a time frame of 10 minutes. There is nothing that can compare to the feeling you get when you see one of the worlds majestic animals and you are swimming in its backyard.

For some people diving is a sport, for others its just a holiday, but for most its a way of life. It does come with challenges, but even more rewards. Diving wont always come easy, but the things in life that are worth it never are.

I wanted to become a diver for a couple different reasons; one being, how many people can actually say they can breathe underwater and two being, when youre standing with your feet in the ocean, your standing in something that connects the world and that in a small way is magic.

All of this is what diving means to me, but when diving for the first time it also depends on who you are diving with and I was lucky that I did it at Coral Divers. Learning how to dive is great, but the people you dive with make it unforgettable.

by Klara Munnik

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